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Wishful Thinking by Rev. Chris Glaser

Surprisingly, Yale Law School professor Dan Kahan has found in a recent study that beliefs about such things as evolution and global warming are not necessarily based on ignorance, but often on a knowledge of the scientific facts that is wilfully resisted because of a person’s political or religious identity and affiliation.

In other words, engaging in what the economist Paul Krugman characterizes as “wishful thinking”…

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Woohoo! Today, Maryland ended transgender health care exclusions for state employees!

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Dear faithful brothers and sisters:

Some of you do not understand how your country can extend employment protections to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. I have been in ministry with LGBT people for decades, so permit me to share with you what happened Monday (July 21).

The Catholic Case Against Religious Exemptions by Francis DeBernardo

In post-Hobby Lobby America, the question of whether religious exemptions should be included in laws prohibiting employment discrimination against LGBT people has increased in complexity.

It used to be that religious leaders and lawmakers could strike a comfortable balance of protecting faith groups’ rights to self-determination and LGBT people’s rights to equal opportunity. But the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision disturbed that balance, and now the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) may be gutted by including overly broad religious exemptions.

President Obama’s executive order yesterday barring anti-LGBT employment discrimination by federal contractors does not include these exemptions…

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Be sure to check out The Advocate’s latest op-ed by BOL Director James Rowe on why “Discrimination is not a Christian Value.”


Morning Prayer

Gay Games 2014: Sponsored By Cleveland’s United Church Of Christ by Rev. Dr. J. Bennett Guess

A generation of young Americans is rejecting Christianity because they widely perceive it to be anti-gay and, as such, “shallow,” “anti-intellectual,” “insincere,” and even “hypocritical.”

That wasn’t the finding of some ultraliberal gay group, but rather the conclusion reached by conservative Christian pollsters, the Barna Group, who conducted a groundbreaking study in the mid-2000s and found “overwhelmingly negative views” of Christians by many millennials and generation Xers, tied closely to the faith’s perceived anti-gay bias.

As an openly gay clergyperson, I wasn’t all that surprised by the findings, because I straddle these two seemingly opposing worlds.

I live my life in the crossfire, and I’ve experienced the anti-gay vitriol often associated with anything and everything “church”…

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