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Empowering Christians to work for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality.
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There’s some terms that these young trans people don’t want to hear.


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My sexuality is not an accessory. I am gay. And I am not ashamed.

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We are happy to welcome our new program associate to the team at Believe Out Loud!
Timothy DuWhite, Jr. is a professional spoken word/teaching artist whose focus on intersectionality and the transformative nature of dialogue are critical to achieving our mission.

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Always remember—LGBTQ people are loved and affirmed as children of God! <3

Check out all our articles on Coming Out & Christianity.


This blog gmh. I love how diverse it is because the problem with a lot of lesbian blogs is that they only post thin white cis women. QueerAllYear makes an effort to break that trend and I’m so grateful for even that small effort. :) <3


At this year’s Models Of Pride, we asked you what qualities you look for in an ally. 

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Davey Wavey meets a gay Mormon. Very touching!

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so the last time i did the google game where you type in “asexuals are…” a nd wait for the auto complete thing it was “asexuals are selfish” and “asexuals aren’t real” and shit like that but i just did it again and 


i’m crying i’m so happy 

I approve of asexual coming for the iron throne. Seems like a good use of time and resources.

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Being Hispanic, Catholic, and queer did not mesh well. I feared burning in hell, being beat up, and most tragically being a disgrace to my family and their memory. The world was to be black and white with no room for color or even variations of gray, period, no questions asked.